We are sending 100 busses

to help people fleeing Ukraine

find safety in Denmark

Our mission is to find and move people from Poland to Denmark through frequent bus rides and donations from partners.

Are you looking for a bus?

Ви шукаєте автобус? Натисніть кнопку, щоб побачити майбутні прибуття

Help people affected by the war in Ukraine

There are more than 2 million people who have fled Ukraine to seek asylum for safety, with over 800.000 Ukrainian migrants stuck in Poland, where the system is overburdened. Denmark is ready to take in 20.000 people and we aim to help coordinate the entire process by sending 100 busses to provide a mode of transport for people to travel from Poland and assist them to find a home in Denmark.

Volunteer on a bus here and in our organisation here.

What we do

Fundraising to send busses to Poland
Filling the busses with supplies going down
Picking up people, once we are in Poland
Transporting people to Denmark and helping them get settled

About Us

We are a group of volunteers from large organisations that want to help Ukrainian migrants. Large organisations have a lot of power, but they can be slow. Therefore, we are coordinating between the organisations – and using their powers where we can.

It will take time for the EU, UNHCR or other unilateral agreements. But the war doesn’t wait. That’s why we’re helping send busses. If you have a bus that you would like to drive to Poland, please contact bus@blueyellowbusses.eu

Slava Ukraini!

Information for Ukrainian migrants

How do I get in contact with the bus driver?

Get in contact with the bus driver by booking a seat here. It is important that you do not call the bus driver but text them on Telegram/WhatsApp instead.

What does it cost to take a bus?

It is 100% free – all costs are covered by our private donors.

What documents do I need to go to Denmark?

If you have a biometric passport, you can enter the country freely.

If you do not have a biometric passport, you can enter the country and register at the border. We will help you do so.

How long can I stay?/ Can I get my visa extended?

  • If you are travelling visa-free or on a short term visa, you may stay in the Schengen region for a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period.
  • The Immigration Service recommends that you use a calendar to count days from the date of entry up to and including the date you leave the country. Note: Both the entry day and the exit day count towards the 90 days

What happens when I arrive in Denmark?

We will help you find a place to live in Denmark, free of charge. In Denmark, you will be given access to accomodation and you can choose whether to seek asylum or whether to enter on a tourist visa.

We recommend to enter on a tourist visa – you can always seek asylum later. But if you first seek asylum, you can’t take it back.

Can I bring pets?

Some busses accept pets. You should ALWAYS contact the bus, if you are bringing a pet.

Special Law for Ukrainian citizen

A special law for Ukrainians is being introduced. It is expected to be adopted by the Danish government around 18 March. This new law will make it easy for Ukrainians to stay in Denmark for a longer period of time, should it become necessary.

This law will in all probability make it possible for Ukrainian citizens to send their children to school, as well as to take work in Denmark.

In Denmark, we have a shortage of labor. We are one of the countries in the world with the lowest unemployment. That is why our politicians are very open right now, to things that can add labor.

Are there any covid-19 restrictions to be aware of?

  • There are no travel restrictions if you are vaccinated, or previously infected.
  • There are no travel restrictions if you enter from the EU or Schengen.
  • If you enter from outside of the EU or Schengen, you must take a test within 24 hours of arrival.

Do I have to be an Ukranian citizen?

Yes, in order for you to board our bus, you need to be a citizen of Ukraine.

Looking to sponsor a bus?

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